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California Progressives wins!

There are a block of progressives who made it to the top two run-off in November across the state. Meet your General Election Progressives from the Golden State!

Jovanka Beckles - Assembly District 15

After an incredibly close primary, Dan Kalb conceded the 2nd spot to Jovanka on June 14th, and now it's all hands on deck to get her to assembly over her corporate opponent! Jovanka has been a Richmond city councilwoman since 2014 when Chevron spent $3 million dollars to attempt to defeat her! It was a bust, and she was elected to the council where she has been a champion for the people of Richmond, passing the first rent control laws in a city in almost 30 years, creating policy for immigrants to safely identify themselves to police, and "banned the box." Her opponent was the Director of California for Hillary Clinton after having already worked for Obama and just recently relocated to the district to run for this seat. She had the most PAC money spent in the entire district on her race and will have a lot more coming for the general election. If the establishment thought AD-15 was for sale, they don't know AD-15.

Meet Jovanka. Volunteer for Jovanka. DONATE TO JOVANKA'S CLEAN MONEY CAMPAIGN


Maria Estrada - Assembly District 63

In one of the more surprising outcomes of the primary, Maria Estrada took the #2 spot to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon! She didn't do it by stealing any of his votes either, but by inspiring thousands of people to come out and vote for her: she made the pie bigger, she didn't just fight for the piece that was there. Known in the Democratic Party as a no-bullshit firebrand, Maria decided to run against Rendon after he shelved SB562, the single-payer bill for the state. In order to beat Rendon and head to the assembly where her #1 priority is HEALTHCARE, she will need all our help! Meet Maria. DONATE TO MARIA'S CLEAN MONEY CAMPAIGN


Marggie Castellano - State Senate District 36

Marggie is a true unity candidate, earning the endorsement of many establishment and progressive organizations and representatives. This Bernie Sanders delegate and community activist will be going up against republican Patricia Bates in a district that is on the brink of being blue! With everyone's support, she can get the votes she needs in November to join the Blue Wave.

Meet Marggie.

Donate to Marggie.

A note from a FUN founding member & Chair of the CDP Veteran's Caucus Cullen Tiernan:

The first $27 post primaries I’m going to send will be to Marggie Castellano. Please let me tell you a little about why I want her to win. On the second day of the DNC, it was clear what was happening and a vast majority of the U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders delegates walked out in protest. I didn’t. I went back into the dark corner of the convention where they placed California, and I sat down in the seat we worked so hard to earn. I sat down, exhausted, disenchanted, a little drunk, and I protested. There was one other delegate who sat with me. With sympathetic and understanding eyes, Marggie reminded me that none of this endless war promotion should be considered normal. That the Democratic Party should promote peace and not war. That there were others who believed this truth to their very bones and were ready to fight for it. Marggie is now extremely well positioned to win a seat to California’s Senate. With all that same passion I had at the DNC, I will support her however I can, starting with a #Bernie $27.


James Elia - Assembly District 71

He's a Berniecrat endorsed by Our Revolution who is running on public banking, single payer, tuition free college, & investing in infrastructure with apprenticeship programs. The number one issue in his district is affordable housing (much like our own) & he wants to introduce legislation requiring negotiations at the local level to establish affordable housing before developments are built.

Meet James.

Donate to James.


Audrey Denney - Congressional District 1

Audrey is running against Doug LaMalfa (R) in the most north-eastern part of our state. She's an agriculturist & CSU Chico Professor who has been endorsed by Ro Khanna & Our Revolution. Her priorities include investing in workforce training & creating jobs, investing in water & transit infrastructure, & ensuring profitability for North State farms.

Meet Audrey.

Donate to Audrey.


Ammar Campa-Najjar - Congressional District 50

Going up against Republican Duncan Hunter isn't going to be easy, but Ammar has been a true Unity candidate, and is one of the few who earned the endorsement of both the state Democratic Party and Our Revolution. He has experience in DC & a vast knowledge of the current legislation that is good for Americans and ready to be passed.

Meet Ammar.

Donate to Ammar.

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