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And the endorsement goes to....

The endorsement counts were as follows: Ballots Issued: 15 Paper, 10 Electronic Ballots Returned: 15 Paper, 6 Electronic (2 disqualified) Total Votes Counted: 19 Votes to win endorsement: 10 Governor: 19/19 Delaine Eastin U.S. Senator: 12/19 Pat Harris; 3/19 Alison Hartson, 2/19 Kevin de Leon, 1/19 Feinstein, 1/19 No Endorsement U.S. Congress (CD-15): 13/19 No Endorsement; 4/19 Eric Swalwell; 1/19 Postpone; 1/19 Blank U.S. Congress (CD-17): 18/19 Ro Khanna; 1/19 Blank Secretary of State: 15/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Alex Padilla; 1/19 Ruben Major; 1/19 Erik Rydberg; 1/19 Postpone State Controller: 17/19 Betty Yee; 1/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement State Treasurer: 15/19 Fiona Ma; 2/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement; 1/19 Blank Insurance Commissioner: 15/19 Asif Mahmood; 1/19 Ricardo Lara; 1/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement; 1/19 Blank Attorney General: 17/19 Dave Jones; 1/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement District Attorney: 18/19 Pamela Price; 1/19 Postponement Superintendent of Schools: 16/19 Tony Thurmond; 2/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement Board of Equalization, Dist 2: 11/19 Malia Cohen; 6/19 No Endorsement; 1/19 Postponement; 1/19 Blank Board of Supervisors, Dist. 2: 14/19 Richard Valle; 2/19 No Endorsement; 2/19 Blank; 1/19 No Endorsement

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates!

Big Congratulations to FUN Progressives too! Just shy of our 3rd year, and we have 25 qualified voting members, we're an Our Revolution chapter, and we have our thumb on the pulse of so many amazing causes; from healthcare, to housing, to election integrity! Let's keep building up from our strong foundation to do what we can in bringing political awareness to our community!

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