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Voting Membership Clarification

Hi FUN Progressives,

I checked the by-laws today regarding endorsements (it's been a while!) and we may need to vote to make some amendments:

1) Our by-laws currently state that anyone who wants to be considered for our endorsement must come speak with the club in person-- I will be proposing that we amend that to local elections only (the extent of what "local" is can be discussed) and make an exception for statewide offices.

2) I incorrectly stated that voting power goes to anyone who has attended two meetings in a 12 month period; it is actually three. I remember we made it three for the very specific purpose of keeping regular club members and activists from being out-voted, so we do not have to amend that. If someone thinks it's a good idea and would like to motion for that, it can go to a vote (with a second, of course). Otherwise, this notification stands as a correction to the previous newsletter.

3) We are allowed 72 hours to vote "electronically" (by email) or otherwise, so if you are a qualifying member who does not choose to cast your ballot at the meeting, you do not have to return it until Wednesday, March 21 at 8PM. Also, there is verbiage that says ballots are to be anonymous. I don't think it's a problem with paper ballots you turn in at the meeting, but if you vote by email, you forfeit that unless you do some fancy email maneuvering. I will be proposing we amend/clarify the ballot rules.

I received the treasury report from Rene and am cross-referencing it with attendance lists to put together qualifying members and members who would qualify by paying dues or attending a third meeting.

Thank you everyone! --Kelsey

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