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AD25 Recommended ADEM Candidates

  • *Alison Flemings-Buliavac: We know Alison! She's a founding member of Tri-City FUN for Bernie and FUN Progressives, as well as our secretary!

  • Carmen Montano: She was a part of our slate in 2017! 

  • *David Donaldson: Ro Khanna's alternate to the Santa Clara County Central Committee and a big supporter of Cullen for Council!

  • Hosam Haggag: He is currently the Northern Vice Chair of the Arab-American Caucus and was recently elected Santa Clara County Clerk! He is a pro-peace progressive who was on our 2017 slate!

  • John Weed: A veteran, lawyer, former Ohlone College trustee and ACWD Director. He was also a big supporter of Robert Daulton in 2018.

  • Karina Dominguez: If not mistaken, she was also on our 2017 slate and has now been elected to the Milpitas City Council.

  • *Mahesh Pakala: Current E-Board representative who supported Kimberly Ellis in 2017 and supported Cullen and Jenny in 2018.

  • Martha Kreeger: OFA organizer, Debbie Watanuki's campaign manager, supports a lot of good progressive issues like rent stabilization. 

  • Reena Rao: Current delegate who was elected in 2017. Supported Cullen and Jenny in 2018. 

  • Rob Means: Convener of the CD17 Bernie DNC delegate election in 2016, was on our ADEM slate in 2017. 

  • Sameena Usman: Was on our 2017 slate, works for CAIR, all-around wonderful human being and strong progressive.

  • Stefan Wooding: Newcomer who is an activist for the trans and queer community. 

  • Tejinder "TJ" Dhami: FUN visitor who lives in Fremont.

  • Teresa Cox: Our newest almost-FUN member!

*All three E-Board candidates are good progressives, but we always encourage voting for our club officers. 

**You may only vote for 14 delegates and 1 EBoard. You have to vote for your EBoard choice for delegate as well. 

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